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Why is a Creative Marketing Campaign Important?

Although there are great examples of ‘one-off’ ads and ideas, a well thought through campaign enables a brand to deliver one message across all its platforms.

The thought process behind a creative strategy also allows a brand to take a step back and ensure it’s communicating the right message in the right way at the right time.

Having ‘one big idea’ across all communications helps to amplify a consumers understanding of why it needs that product or service. If the concept constantly changes and isn’t underpinned with a core proposition the brand may lose a customers trust and therefore a sale.

Our Creative Marketing Process

A creative campaign is a mixture of magic and science. And although inspiration can strike at any time we like to start each campaign with in-depth research and data analysis of both the marketplace, competitors and the target audience.

For new clients we always recommend a 360 degree workshop. This enables us to create a holistic approach and ensure the problem we’re solving is the right one. By having a deep understanding of the client’s need, and the marketplace that they are targeting, we can bring everything together to identify a clear and effective creative proposition.

Once this has been agreed with the client our creative teams will look to express the proposition in the most powerful and effective way possible. Crowd will then present the client with various creative routes to discuss and take forward.

The chosen campaign is executed and brought to life by our world-class designers and copywriters. Driven by a highly-personalised media plan, the campaign will be designed to cover various platforms and channels that have been selected in the media strategy. And, as Crowd doesn’t add a mark-up to media spend, you are guaranteed that your budget will be amplified further with us than with other agencies.

A results-driven agency, Crowd continuously tests and optimises every campaign’s effectiveness, ensuring that the right creative and the right media are amplified throughout. This ensures total transparency and delivers increased understanding of your market, as well as results.

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